Admiral and the Environment

Admiral Charity Cards recognises that as a manufacturing company, we have an impact on the environment. We strive to manage and reduce this impact, especially through our approach to sourcing.

Wherever possible, packaging used is either recycled, biodegradable, compostable or a combination of these. All our waste is sorted and the vast majority is sent for recycling. Most external communication, such as enquiry replies and invoices are emailed wherever possible and we strive to limit our paper use within the office.

We recognise that environmental responsibility is a commitment that is on-going. We continually check our processes, and if we find there is a way to reduce our environmental and social impact, we will strive to implement the improvement. For more information please contact us on 01933 423733.

Your catalogue, cards and envelopes can all be recycled. We offer a recycling service for your old Christmas cards throughout January, please contact us for more information.
Please play your part in protecting our environment.